TUMI: Positioning a travel brand as the gift shopping destination

Consumers enjoy the convenience, thoughtfulness and fun of gifting TUMI bags with SmartGift.
October 17th 2019Oct 17, 2019

A web experience allowing customers to digitally wrap individual products and share them instantly with their recipients.

The brief

To help TUMI improve its online gift shopping experience through gained insights into user interaction behavior. To influence marketing with the goal of repositioning the brand as a gift shopping destination.

Tumi SmartGift Unwrap

The right gift experience for TUMI customers

TUMI SmartGift launched for Father's Day 2017 with the goal to bring to its customers a new and personalized gifting experience. During the days following launch, the TUMI SmartGift experience was continually optimized for TUMI’s customers and their shopping behaviors.

“We are obsessed with A/B testing different outcomes to truly get to the most rewarding experiences for our customers and for our brand. One big reason we chose SmartGift was their mutual desire to continually test and make improvements to get to a fully custom gift solution that works for us”

Charlie Cole, Global Chief eCommerce Officer at Samsonite, Chief Digital Officer at TUMI

Rapid internationalization

TUMI is one of the most recognizable brands globally and has a fast growing international customer base in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

TUMI Korea a strong international partner when it launched in time for the Chinese New Year. SmartGift’s platform is a perfect fit for the East Asian market given its high mobile engagement and experiential design. Internationalization was easy and only required the translations to be fed into the SmartGift platform. TUMI Korea was live within days.

TUMI SmartGift expands into Korea

Speed to market

With SmartGift's over-the-top platform, brands and retailers can be gifting ready within days with a custom experience.

“Our product and platform engineering teams not only think deeply about a gifting experience that works, is relevant and useful, but equally how we can enable our partners with minimal effort. The result is a powerful platform and a simple, pleasurable experience for gift senders and their recipients,” says SmartGift’s head of product and co-founder Bernd Strenitz. “Working with the incredibly bold and fast-moving TUMI team has been a fantastic experience right from the start and we look forward to keep supplying TUMI with solutions that will make gifting TUMI products even more enjoyable for their customers.”

Gift marketing strategies with Gift Genome

The true gifting life-cycle centers on understanding the different dynamics of relationships, occasions and product preferences. With Gift Genome, SmartGift provides a granular view of customers, products, recipient vs. sender preferences, relationships, peer comparisons and cross-learnings.

From recommending targeted campaigns, such as affluent parents gifting a TUMI bag to their college-bound kid, to memorable moments such as anniversaries and honeymoons, the platform delivers previously unknown data to create contextual conversations and marketing opportunities throughout the year between TUMI and its customers.

TUMI SmartGift stats from the first quarter

The Result

SmartGift delivers incremental revenue, boosts customer engagement with TUMI’s products and an overall lift in gifting. SmartGift’s experience delights both gift shoppers and recipients and increases the overall gift-centricity of the brand.

SmartGift helps TUMI tap into everyday gifting occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, and to be on top of mind in their customers’ most memorable moments.

Consumer Response

“Thanks so much mom and dad! I'm sure you know how useful a bag like this will be :) What a cool gifting site, too. Love you!”

“Alright, I might have met my match when it comes to getting a leg up gifting.”

“Thank you very much for this wonderful gift!! I love TUMI!! This is perfect and so sweet of you!”

Stills from the TUMI SmartGift consumer gift platform