Take business to the next level with the ultimate multi-tool gifting platform

Build brand loyalty, show employee appreciation, and see results in both consumer and corporate gifting with our versatile suite of engagement tools.

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Hero is the ultimate corporate gifting platform

An intuitive and seamless solution to help you win new business, reduce churn, and increase productivity and retention. Gift the best range of quality products and services while saving hundreds of hours each month!

Smartgift is your one-stop-shop for gift interactions

Activate a digital, on-demand shopping experience that expands your products’ discoverability, increases customer satisfaction, and grows post shipping cut-off revenue. Perfect every gifting experience with SmartGift.

A new engagement strategy for the new normal

The workplace has changed. The post-pandemic world presents more remote and hybrid models than we’ve ever experienced before, making it harder to nurture relationships face-to-face.
72% of marketers say virtual events drive greater or equal ROI compared to in-person events.

With , you can increase workplace engagement regardless of your structure

We’re here to help you celebrate and nurture your people through milestones, holidays, and events.

Team Building
Customer Loyalty
Employee Motivation

A simple solution to your search for the perfect gift

Recipients can choose from an expansive range of products including  gift baskets, corporate swag, food, floral arrangements, and charitable donations.

With our easy-to-use platform, addressless sending, E2E visibility, and timely delivery, we make sending the perfect gift effortless every time.

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When you Send with SmartGift,
you can:

Experience the leading global gift and data platform for today’s top retail brands
Be part of a thriving online shopping landscape with over 2 billion shoppers
Tap into an expansive range of products with jewelry, apparel, luggage and travel accessories, food, flowers, beauty and cosmetics, and home goods
Champion sustainability with reduced returns
Drive gift purchase conversion
Provide shoppers an expanded gifting window for last-minute gifting with instant digital delivery
Make shoppers advocates for your brand by sending the perfect gift every time

A delightful and clean experience customized to your liking

With lightning-fast setup, easy internationalization, E2E visibility, and customizable options at every step of the way, we take the effort out of gifting by forefronting the recipient’s choice.

Ready to become a workplace?

Incredibly fast setup

Cary Goldman
Hero Engage Customer
At 360insights we found the SmartGift solution a great way to gift our clients and prospective clients where we didn’t always have the updated addresses. During these times, it’s more difficult as our clients are working from home. We found this service a tremendous value to engage with our clients and saved us hundreds of hours trying to manage this on our own.
Eric Gehnrich
Hero Engage Customer
With the majority of the country's workforce continuing to work remotely, companies of all sizes are looking for ways to create a culture of recognition, appreciation and engagement from afar – gestures that deepen relationships with employees, clients and others. Our SmartGift partnership made it easier for business customers to build meaningful professional relationships and to connect for important milestone events and everyday occasions.
Megi Gruda
Hero Engage Customer
I want to share the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received [on] SmartGift! Employees are loving the options and the user friendly experience to select their gift. Thanks again for your prompt responses and diligent work. We look forward to our continued partnership!