Over The Top Gifting

Meet SmartGift

Over The Top Gifting

Meet SmartGift

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Over The Top Gifting

Meet SmartGift

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How It Works

SmartGift provides product e-gifting built for millennial commerce that transforms the consumer experience. We alleviate the stress of buying for others while enabling you, the retailers to offer thoughtful giving as part of the gift.

With our solution, the Gift Giver doesn’t have to be right all the time and with this new way of gifting they can never go wrong. They can buy an item that is thoughtful and personal, the receiver has the freedom to customize or exchange for something else in your product range, all before the item ships.
It’s a seamless setup, customizable to your brand’s look and feel.

The Gift Giver gives a great gift, the Gift Receiver makes it their perfect gift.


Why Customers Will Choose to eGift It?

Personal Gifts

Gift giver sends a personal thoughtful gift, gift receiver makes it their own.

Complete Freedom

Gift receiver picks their preferences (size, color, length etc.) or exchanges for an eGift card allowing them to purchase anything from your product range.

Secure, Simple & Speedy

SmartGift uses secure encrypted payments. Gift giver checks out in seconds with minimal keystrokes.


Gift giver chooses the best way to give their gift using chat, text or email. Gift receiver sends a personalized thank you and shares their gift on social media.

Timing Is Everything

Gift giver decides how and when to send their gift at the perfect moment.

Tiny Details

SmartGift brings the anticipation, surprise and delight of gifting into the digital world. The gift receiver pulls the ribbon and unwraps their eGift.


What This Means To You


GIFT SHOPPERS AGES 18-44. By offering a truly millennial and GenX experience.


MOBILE SHOPPERS. By building for mobile commerce.


FURTHER ENGAGEMENT BY RECIPIENTS. By offering a fun and memorable experience that converts recipients to gift shoppers.


GIFT SHOPPER CONVERSION INCREASE. By delaying payment until after the recipient has chosen.


PAY LATER COMPLETION RATE. By creating an IOU obligation on the shopper once the recipient has chosen the perfect gift.


FAST REDEMPTION. By letting gift shoppers present the gift "in person" through text, chat, Whatsapp, and more.

4 Hours

PILOT SETUP. By solving for the needs of merchants partners.